If you are a top undergraduate with good marks and a strong interest in psychological research, then we would love to have you join the CANlab team!

Many UOIT undergraduate students contribute to all aspects of CANlab projects, including the design and implementation of experimental sessions, the analysis and interpretation of experimental data, and the writing of CANlab research papers. This involvement provides a fun and valuable way to learn how psychological research is undertaken, and to gain the hands on research experience that graduate schools look for in their incoming students.

Please keep in mind that interest in working in the lab is high and that lab positions are highly competitive. To participate in CANlab, you must:

• maintain at least a 3.5 GPA, and
• be willing to commit at least 8 hours a week for two to three academic terms.

In addition, preference is given to students:
• who contact us prior to their 2nd year, and
• whose primary major is psychology or neuroscience,
• who are interested in pursuing careers in these disciplines.

Students generally begin by becoming involved in an existing research study, but can progress on to more individualized projects as they gain experience and seniority in the lab. For individualized projects, students will be encouraged to:
• enroll in a Directed Lab Research course, through which they can receive course credit, and
• To apply for (and frequently receive) funding for their projects. Dr. Shane can help provide access to these funding opportunities (which look AMAZING on grad school applications!).

We typically recruit students during the summer, preferably before their 2nd year. If you are interested in seeing how you might be involved please complete the CANlab Undergraduate Participation application form.