More Improvements for яюR the 2017-2018 Application that is common to

More Improvements for the 2017-2018 Application that is common to

The normal Application is a way that is popular apply to college on one type, and the typical Application continues to evolve. As well as the prompt modifications in 2010, there are some other improvements to simply help students.

Below are a few improvements for the Common Application this year.

1. Now pupils can share the progress of people outside their high school counselors to their application and instructors. The application form will now be accessible to community-based companies offering assist in college application along with to private advisors. This gives everyone else become on one page and record the method.

2. If you along with your moms and dads speak Spanish as a first language, the most popular Application will likely be translated into Spanish for you to better understand the whole process along with help you apply for financial aid sufficient reason for digital mentoring.

3. When you have to self-report your high school academic records, there exists a new area on the Common Application called Courses & Grades to streamline self-reporting.

4. When your papers (suggestions, resumes, school assignments) are on Google Docs/Google Drive, it’s simple to share them and download them directly to your Application that is common with Common App’s new Google Drive integration. This can also help students with no laptop or computer by letting them more easily make use of libraries and college computer systems because of their university applications. (more…)